You Can Learn Anything You Put Your Mind To
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You Can Learn Anything You Put Your Mind To

When I was a teenager, I earned great grades in school, played an instrument in the school band, and played a sport. I was never afraid to learn new things and was always eager to tackle all of the challenges that came with the learning experience. However, that all changed when I was finally the legal driving age in my state. I was terrified of driving and convinced that I would fail miserably at it! The feeling took me by surprise, but after some soul-searching and supportive advice from family, I finally got up the nerve to get behind the wheel. The "rest is history," as they say, and I soon actually became a great driver. I now have children and always tell them they can learn anything they put their minds too. I decided to start a blog to share my educational tips and help inspire others to learn!

You Can Learn Anything You Put Your Mind To

Fun Activities Kids Can Do During The Summer Without Electronics Involved

Logan Ryan

If you have a child, and they seem to spend much of their time glued to a laptop, cell phone, or tablet, you are most likely searching for ways to get them involved in activities that will stimulate their mind in a different manner. In the summertime, many older children tend to coop themselves up in their rooms with their electronic devices as a form of entertainment. While this is fine for short stints, engaging the mind in other ways is desirable. Here are some ideas you can try to get your child involved in other activities:

Sign Your Child Up For A Summertime Program

Consider enrolling your child in a program where they will be involved with others their own age. A daily or weekly class with peers will sure to be a hit as they will have the chance to socialize in addition to learning new things. A week at a sleepover camp or a scheduled activity at a school will give your child activities to look forward to. These classes often involve exercising as a portion of their lineup, helping to keep your child in the best of health as well.

Hide Items Around Your Yard To Find

A scavenger hunt is a wonderful activity to keep your child busy on a summer day. Make a list of items to find in your backyard, a local park, or around one of the blocks in your town. Check out the premises first to ensure some of the items are already in place. Incorporate some other items that would not be normally found in the location you have selected. Carefully hide these items in obscure places, but still within view so your child will be able to see them as they walk past. Give your child a time limit and see how many of the items they are able to find.

Head To The Library To Keep The Imagination Flowing

If you do not regularly make visits to your local library, make it a priority to go there to get your child a library card. Encourage them to borrow books each week. Spending time in the building for a bit will give your child time to explore books. Many libraries also hold special reading classes as well as other activities your child may find interesting. Giving your child the power to pick out their own books to check out with their own card will make it more likely they will follow through in making selections to read.

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